The Firm

BW Capital is a boutique, independent wealth advisory firm.

Our Firm has its origins in the accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, where the senior team
was responsible for development of Andersen’s wealth management practice within the
Asia Pacific region.

Our people are highly experienced, salaried professionals with diverse academic and
career backgrounds spanning accounting, banking, economics and financial markets.
We are committed to innovation, science and leading edge thinking in the wealth
management space.

BW Capital firmly believes in transparency, efficient fair dealing and adding genuine
value as fundamental corporate and individual principals.

BW Capital holds its own Australian Financial Services License.


BW Capital provides bespoke investment consulting and wealth management services. BW Capital works closely with a small
group of clients located throughout the Asia Pacific region and
is focused on providing customised solutions to the complex
wealth management issues of our clients.

Our Firm is committed to actively developing deep client understanding, relationships
and accountability. BW Capital specialises in investment research and policy, financial engineering, family office strategy, governance and controls for the wealth management
affairs of high net-worth individual, family group, family office and small to medium sized institutional investors.

Our core charter is to bring an institutional rigor, discipline and process to the business
of investing, managing and controlling of family and institutional money.


Julia McCullagh

Level 2
309 George Street, Sydney,
NSW 2000, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9037 9510
Fax: +61 2 8024 2674

Postal Address: PO Box R965, Royal Exchange NSW 1225